Massage Therapy

I am trained in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Myofascial Therapy, Prenatal, Shiatsu and more, and offer a customized blend of massage therapy attuned to your needs. All of my sessions include BioMat therapy, complimentary hot towels, a warm pack on the back, DoTerra aromatherapy, optional herbal therapy and Deep Blue Rub.

75 Minutes is good for a more relaxing, Swedish-style massage, or a general 'tune-up' with focus on 1-2 areas.

90 Minutes is my most popular session, as it allows time for deeper work, maximum relaxation, a full body massage as well as extra time on multiple focus areas!

120 Minutes is the creme de la creme of bodywork! Allows plenty of time for detailed focus work, extremely deep relaxation and pain relief. Recommended for Therapeutic & Deeper work only. 

$150 - 75 Minute Massage

$180 - 90 Minute Massage

$240 - 120 Minute Massage


Wow. I'm a massage therapist, and I get regular body work, but my massage with Lindsey was the best massage I've had in a long time. This massage relaxed me so deeply, that the therapeutic work was powerful and lasting. Also, her customer service was off the hook, and the space was very welcoming. Can't wait for my next one.

- Sue C

Reiki + Intuitive Readings


Lindsey has been a critical part of healing, spiritual awakening and powerful enlightenment within me.
Whether I am experiencing physical or emotional ailment, she works breakthrough every single time!
My doctor meant to send me to a massage therapist, but ended up sending me to a miracle worker, and a new friend.

-Priscilla T.

Reiki is an Energy Healing modality*. It consists of hands-on therapeutic holds, and a reading/clearing/balancing of the 7 Chakras. Reiki is amazing for relaxation, relief of anxiety and depression, pain management, physical healing and more. It works with Quantum Physics and the Universal Life Force Energy to clear out blockages and get your energy flowing positively and clearly again.

This session consists of hands-on energy work, as well as a full Chakra and Intuitive Reading. During your session, things may come to me intuitively/psychically. They may be words, phrases, colors, visions, etc. The intuitive reading portion is me sharing with you what came up, and opening up a dialogue with you to discuss. I will also share helpful suggestions and coaching as guided, to further help facilitate your personal shifts.

*Please note that Reiki is not a form of massage.


$125 - 60 Minute Reiki + Intuitive Reading Session

Distance Reiki/Readings are also available!

Please reach out to me to inquire.

Massage + Reiki Fusion Sessions:

$180 - 90 Minutes

(75 Min Massage & 15 Minutes Reiki)

 $210- 105 Minutes

(90 Minute Massage & 15 Minutes Reiki,

or 75 Minute Massage & 30 Minutes Reiki + Intuitive Reading Combo)

$240 - 120 Minutes

(The whole shebang! 90 Minute Massage, and 30 Minute Reiki + Intuitive Reading Combo)


My first personal interaction with Lindsey was one of warmth, professionalism and openness. She informed me in detail of what to expect as well as patiently listened to my story. Her touch was soothing and calm and as she gave the reiki healing, I could feel strong vibrations in the areas that needed the most work. Afterward, she shared her intuitive reading which strongly resonated with my intent on healing. She was spot on in several areas as she went through each chakra!



These are upgrades that can be added onto any massage session. All add-ons are included within the specified session time. 

$10 - Crystal Chakra Healing

$10 - Revitalizing Aromatherapy Scalp Massage

$10 - Foot scrub

Aromatouch Technique and more coming SOON!