My first personal interaction with Lindsey was one of warmth, professionalism and openness. She informed me in detail of what to expect as well as patiently listened to my story. Her touch was soothing and calm and as she gave the reiki healing, I could feel strong vibrations in the areas that needed the most work. Afterward, she shared her intuitive reading which strongly resonated with my intent on healing. She was spot on in several areas as she went through each chakra! I felt very comfortable with Lindsey during my first reiki visit. I look forward to receiving future reiki healing sessions. Thank you Lindsey!


Lindsey is such a vibrant and energetic being! She is an amazing healer and coach. I feel so grateful to have met and worked with her. As a coach she ignites and inspires others to their own unique potential. Her voice is amazing and so well suited to the hypnosis portion of her coaching that I know I am going to want to hear her guiding me again. Working with Lindsey allowed me to own my own strength and vitality so much more. She has such great healing energy.

Thanks so much, Lindsey!


Lindsey is an extremely gifted healer. Her energy is powerfully uplifting. I am so grateful for her support as a Coach over the last few months. Not only has my professional life improved dramatically with my business doing better than ever, but even my home life, friendships, and romantic relationships have benefited from the work I've done with Lindsey. If you're looking for a major transformation, I highly recommend working with Lindsey because she is going to help you change your life!!


Great work! I've been much more productive and I've felt much more connected and lighter in general since my reiki session. 


I've been receiving life coaching and distance reiki from Lindsey for several months, and have experienced massive personal growth with her guidance. Lindsey has been able to meet me right where I'm at, hold space for me, and gently but firmly push me past the edges of my comfort zone. She is highly intuitive and empathetic. She understands my fears and insecurities but also sees my potential and genuinely wants me to become the best version of myself. There are so many things I love about Lindsey, but one of the things I love most is her ability to illuminate every amount of progress I've made, no matter how "small". In moments where I feel that I haven't done enough, she's always there to remind me of just how far I've come, and that is incredibly empowering. She is also an amazingly gifted energy healer and intuitive. I look forward to every reiki session I have with her, and her chakra readings are always spot-on. I'm beyond grateful to have her as a constant source of encouragement and support.


Lindsey helped me so much! Her coaching sessions were always helpful and she knew how to turn things around to help me get out of my funks. It's been 10 months since I hired her and my sessions only lasted a couple months, but in just this little time, she has helped me face my fears, go after my dreams and aspirations that I didn't know were mine. I've had many blockages to my power and purpose. I had taken everyone else's advice for me and not my own. Now I'm exactly where I need to be. Things come up and I deal with them so much better than before. I have courage where fear used to be. I've landed a job that I am still in shock and awe that I didn't think I could get 10 months ago. I'm so thankful for Lindsey on this journey!