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My massage has been described as the "Goldilocks" massage- not too light, not too deep- just right. I do not consider myself to be a light n fluffy, nor a hardcore, sporty-deep therapist. Firm/Medium to deep, relaxing yet therapeutic is my jam! Trained in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Prenatal*, Shiatsu and more, I offer a customized blend of massage therapy attuned to your needs. All sessions include BioMat therapy, complimentary hot towels, a warm pack on the back, DoTerra aromatherapy, optional herbal therapy and Deep Blue Rub on a targeted area of your choice.

*Prenatal Sessions are offered as 90 minutes only

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Allows time for deeper work, maximum relaxation, a full body massage as well as extra time on multiple focus areas!



That next step up...yes, even those 15 extra minutes make allll the difference! Great session length for those working through pain or injury, those with many focus areas, or those just needing that extra escape and respite from this crazy world!


Foot Scrub $10

Back Scrub $10

Eco-Fin Hand Treatment $15

Eco-Fin Foot Treatment $15

Collagen Face Mask $15

Collagen Under-Eye Mask $10



Dry Brushing $10

Crystal Healing $10

Organic Scalp Treatment $15



Where Eastern and Western modalities connect. Looking for massive relief and results? These sessions are a little more interactive, and a lot more intense- but highly effective with pain management and rehabilitation. In these sessions I will utilize Percussive therapy with the Hypervolt massage gun, Hot Synergy Stones, Fasciablaster, Gua-Sha, Cupping and Trigger Point therapy as needed to give you relief.

All sessions include BioMat therapy, complimentary hot towels, a warm pack on the back, DoTerra aromatherapy, optional herbal therapy and Deep Blue Rub on a targeted area of your choice.

*Please note- the bulk of these sessions will be utilizing manual bodywork with tools. If you are looking for more traditional massage- please book one of the massage therapy sessions above!

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For the bodywork connoiessur! The goal is to have you leave feeling like a changed person. 

The time allows for several therapeutic focus areas, as well as a full body session.



Reiki is an Energy Healing modality. It consists of hands-on chakra holds, and clearing/balancing of the 7 Chakras. Reiki is amazing for relaxation, relief of anxiety and depression, pain management, physical healing and more. It works with Quantum Physics and Universal Life Force Energy to clear out blockages and get your energy flowing positively and clearly again.

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My signature Massage & Reiki Fusion Session. This begins with a 90 minute massage and 15 minutes of Reiki to complete your session. Total restoration for mind, body, and soul.



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Experience the magic of the PandoraStar and engage all of your senses in this special, exclusive experience- the first of its kind in Tennessee.

The PandoraStar is an advanced Light and Brainwave Entrainment Machine. It is known to induce deep states of meditation, as well as physical and mental relaxation. As the 12 stroboscopic LED lights flicker behind closed eyes, your mind's eye will interpret them into bright colors, kaleidoscopic shapes, complex geometric patterns, fractals and mandalas...often times people, scenes, and forgotten memories will emerge. It's basically...a drug-free acid trip


Benefits may include: 

Helping manage stress and anxiety ⁘ Cognitive enhancement ⁘ Improved creativity and focus

Reduced insomnia ⁘ Expanded consciousness

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Intro Rate/Returning Rate

Experience the mesmerizing, kaleidoscopic visions from the PandoraStar light machine as you enjoy the warmth from the Biomat's infrared rays underneath you, soothing binaural beats being played through premium Bose headphones, the enchanting aroma of diffused essential oils, and the taste of your choice with an organic mint, dark chocolate, or herbal tincture. 

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