Reiki + Intuitive Readings

My Signature Energy Healing Session combines Reiki, guided meditation/hypnosis and an Intuitive Chakra Reading. I also include aromatherapy, Biomat/crystal healing, and sound therapy. This session provides the ultimate experience of peace, clarity, and relaxation. 

What's Reiki? Reiki is an Energy Healing modality. It can be done hands-on, hands-off, or distantly. It works with Quantum Physics and Universal Life Force Energy to clear out blockages and get your energy flowing positively and clearly again. It is amazing for relaxation, relief of anxiety and depression, pain management, physical healing and more. 

What's an Intuitive Reading? During your session, things may come to me intuitively/psychically. They may be words, phrases, colors, visions, etc. I will share these with you during the session as they come to me. Many clients have found relevant and insightful guidance and comfort from these divine messages. 


$125* - 60 Minute Reiki + Intuitive Reading Session 

*Soft Opening Introductory Rate

Distance Reiki/Readings are also available!

Please reach out to me to inquire.